Every collision, fender-bender, and unexpected incident not only jeopardizes the safety of drivers and the public but also chips away at profitability.


According to Automotive Fleet, an average accident costs anywhere between $16,000 and $75,000—and skyrockets if there is an injury or fatality. And besides driving up insurance premiums, incidents can also incur other costs such as cargo claims and brand damage.


But what if there were a way to predict accident reduction over the next 12 months for your fleet? What if you could build an ROI model to forecast how much unnecessary accident cost could be saved through positive, not punitive, driver coaching? And what if you could make those kinds of ROI forecasts even before implementing an accident reduction solution? After all, initial costs are often deceiving—not all investments with attractive price tags can produce ROI over the long-term, while more costly options may ultimately deliver exponential savings.


After performing a series of in-depth studies, Netradyne has created a groundbreaking mathematical model that accurately shows the correlation between improving GreenZone®️ driver scores and accident reduction, proving what many safety managers already intuitively know based on experience: proactive accident reduction is both more effective and cost-effective than reactive driver corrections.


Using Driver•i’s robust options for driver coaching, including in-cab alerts, fleet managers can identify and coach drivers on the behaviors that have the biggest impact to their GreenZone Score. Many of these behaviors are not recognized by legacy systems, but for fleets using Netradyne, there have been significant improvements.


In particular, there are two key observations:

  • Every 50-point improvement in a fleet’s GreenZone Score correlates to approximately a 13–15% reduction in APMM (accidents per million miles).
  • Based on a study of two different groups of fleets (one group of 100 fleets, and another group of 50 fleets) we see that on average, Netradyne customers improved their GreenZone Scores by 150 points in the first year.


Learn more about this revolutionary science-based model and how it can transform your fleet management strategy.