Combat Rising Costs

Over the last ten years, insurance premium costs per mile increased by 47%, according to a report by the American Transportation Research Institute. Fleets across the country are using AI-enabled safety cameras to help bring down costs through exoneration and driver coaching.

HDVI and Netradyne invite you to join us in an educational webinar on how AI-enabled safety cameras can improve your safety culture and benefit insurance.

In this joint webinar, we will discuss:

  • The impact of AI-enabled safety cameras on insurance
  • How to improve safety and driver coaching with AI-enabled safety cameras
  • What to look for in a camera solution
  • How to talk to drivers about cameras
  • How safety cameras can help you save on insurance costs

Meet the Speakers

Bobbi Farrow

Insurance Business Development at Netradyne

Mark Brest

Fleet Services and Risk Engineering at HDVI

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